Modern Catalyst to improve natural gas cleaning technology

Discovery of Catalyst to improve nature cleaning technology

Written by Adeel Abbas

A new catalyst does a better job than current technology for cleaning up emissions from natural gas engines.

The researchers have found a way to create an efficient catalyst for storing natural gas in the form of methane.

The work, reported in Nature Catalysis could make cleaner and more viable powertrains from trucks off-road vehicles with their new “catalyst rafts” that hold together single atoms of platinum on top of palladium oxide particles bedded inside them like wallpaper paste being applied by someone who knows what they’re doing – but not entirely sure if you want every inch covered or nothing at all!

Just as importantly though: The scientists say these catalysts can tolerate water vapor better than current models while still undergoing most reforming reactions efficiently without emitting any unburnt hydrocarbons (which contribute significantly towards global warming).

The multidisciplinary team, which included researchers from WSU and the University of New Mexico with a number of other collaborators in Europe as well as China.

Further information

Haifeng Xiong, Engineering catalyst supports to stabilize PdOx two-dimensional rafts for water-tolerant methane oxidation, Nature Catalysis (2021)