Inorganic Chemistry- History, Scope, And Applications

LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this article, the author has explained What is inorganic chemistry and different types of inorganic compounds. This blog post also discusses the scope and applications of the inorganic chemistry in daily life. What is inorganic chemistry? Inorganic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the study of inorganic substances. These are chemical … Read more

Peculiar behavior of lithium(Li)-A detailed overview

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Position of Hydrogen in the periodic table-Easy guide

Learning Objectives In this article, the author has explained the position of hydrogen in the periodic table and the similarities and dissimilarities between hydrogen and other group elements. Hydrogen a special element Hydrogen is the most important element on the planet. The position of hydrogen in the periodic table is worth discussion as its properties … Read more

Hydrides-Types of hydrides and periodic trends

Learning objectives In this article the author has explained, what are hydrides, types of hydrides, covalent hydrides, metal hydrides, ionic hydrides, and their trends in the periodic table. what are hydrides The binary compounds of hydrogen with other elements are known as hydrides. Definition of hydrides When hydrogen gets bonded with less electronegative atom than … Read more

Halides-Covalent halides|Ionic halides|metal halides and applications

Learning objectives In this article, the author has explained what are halides, covalent halides, ionic halides, metals halides, and polymeric halides. What are Halides? The binary compounds of halogens with other elements of the periodic table are known as halides. Definition of Halides For example NaCl, AlCl3, CCl4 Classification of halides on the basis of … Read more

Electrical conductivities of elements in periodic table | Periodic table conductivity

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