Effective Strategies for Engaging Students in Chemistry Learning

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Chemistry, with its intricate concepts and abstract theories, often poses a challenge for students to grasp and maintain interest. However, educators are discovering innovative methods to make Chemistry subject not only comprehensible but also enjoyable. Strategies for Engaging Students in Chemistry Learning Lets delve into ten effective strategies for engaging students in chemistry learning. Interactive … Read more

How chemistry interacts with photography?

Written By Adeel Abbas One day while I was recording my YouTube lecture. I got a call from one of my friend who is a photographer. He asked me how chemistry interacts with photography. It was an unusual question related to chemistry. I asked him to wait for some time until I research the answer … Read more

How many chemicals in cigarettes

Written By Adeel Abbas My father is a smoker and I often requested him not to smoke since I got enrolled in chemistry. One day my father asked me to tell him why cigarette is harmful. So I performed research with some of my friends to know about the chemicals in cigarette. After one week … Read more

How to pronounce chemical reaction?

Chemical reaction is pronounced “kem-i-kal ree-ak-shun”. Let’s break down the pronunciation of each syllable: So when you put it all together, “chemical reaction” is pronounced “kem-i-kal ree-ak-shun”.

How to learn chemistry reactions?

Written by Adeel Abbas Welcome to the fascinating world of chemistry reactions! As a professor with 7 years of experience in teaching chemical reactions, I have seen students struggle with this topic time and time again. But fear not, for I am here to guide you through the process of learning chemistry reactions. First and … Read more

Examples of mixtures that can be separated by separating funnel

A separating funnel is a laboratory apparatus that is commonly used to separate two immiscible liquids that have different densities. Here are some examples of mixtures that can be separated using a separating funnel: 1: Oil and water Oil and water are immiscible liquids that have different densities, making them easy to separate using a … Read more

10 Fascinating Examples of Condensation You Need to See to Believe

Written by Adeel Abbas Condensation is a natural process that occurs when a gas or vapor transitions into a liquid state. We often see this happen in nature, from dew forming on the grass in the morning to fogged car windows. In this article, we will explore ten examples of condensation and how they occur. … Read more

Student Loans for Ph.D Chemistry in USA

Pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry in the United States requires a huge investment of time and effort. It also requires a financial investment to pay for tuition, materials, housing, food, and other costs over 4-6 years of graduate study. Very few students have the savings necessary to self-fund a chemistry Ph.D. Fortunately, there are funding … Read more

What happens if you drink acid?

Drinking acid can have severe and potentially life-threatening consequences. Acids are highly corrosive substances that can cause significant damage to the body’s tissues and organs. The specific effects will depend on the type of acid consumed, its concentration, and the amount ingested. I am saying this because I witnessed in the laboratory. One of my … Read more

How Chemistry is related to Physics?

Chemistry and physics are closely related sciences that share many fundamental principles. Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties, while physics is the study of energy and how it interacts with matter. Both disciplines rely on the laws of thermodynamics, the properties of atoms and molecules, and the principles of quantum mechanics to … Read more