What is the best metal for electrical conductivity?

The best metal for electrical conductivity is silver. Silver is the most conductive metal, with a conductivity of 63 x 10^6 siemens per meter (S/m) at room temperature. This means that electricity can easily flow through silver, making it an excellent choice for electrical applications.

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However, silver is expensive and can tarnish easily, so it may not always be the most practical choice. Copper is another excellent conductor and is more commonly used in electrical applications due to its lower cost and availability. Copper has a conductivity of 59 x 10^6 S/m, which is only slightly lower than silver.

Aluminum is also a good conductor and is often used in electrical wiring and transmission lines. However, it has a lower conductivity than copper or silver, with a value of 38 x 10^6 S/m. Other metals, such as gold and platinum, have high conductivity but are even more expensive than silver.