What are precautions during titration process in lab?

Titration is the process of dilution of chemicals used in a laboratory. It is also known as titration or titrimetry. The process of titration can be done by various means of liquids, gases, solids, etc.

There are certain procedures that need to be taken care of while performing the titration process and these are as follows:

Precautions during the titration process

  1. During the titration process, there are certain precautions that need to be followed, like
  2. Never put the vessel containing the test sample in direct sunlight.
  3. Always keep the temperature of the sample at room temperature, because if the temperature is increased, then it will take more time to reach a set value.
  4. Store the sample in a refrigerator for better storage and maintain a constant temperature.
  5. Keep the sample in a clean and dry vessel, so that the contamination will be less.
  6. Never keep the test sample in the dark, because it will be hard to see the endpoint.
  7. Store the test sample in a dry place, because moisture will affect the endpoint.