Second Chapter Solved Exercise MCQs Of Fsc Second Year Chemistry

First chapter Solved Exercise MCQs of 2nd-year chemistry

1: Which one of the following does not belong to alkaline earth metals?

a) Be

b) Ra

c) Ba

d) Rn


Rn does not belong to alkaline earth metals. It is a noble gas and is radioactive.

First Chapter Solved Exercise MCQs Of Fsc Second Year Chemistry

2:The oxides of beryllium are:

a) acidic

b) basic

c) amphoteric

d) none of the these


BeO is amphoteric in character and it differs from its family members in this respect. Hence, option (c) is correct.

3: which ion will have the maximum value of heat of hydration?

a) Na+

b) Cs+

c) Ba+2

d) Mg+2


Mg+2 has the smallest possible size with a double positive charge among the given ones. So, it has maximum charge density. That is why it has a maximum value of heat of hydration.

4: Which one of the following is not an alkali metal?

a) Francium

b) Cesium

c) Rubidium

d) Radium


Ra is an alkaline earth metal and does not belong to the alkali metal family. So, option (d) is correct.

5: Which of the following sulfates is not soluble in water?

a) Sodium sulfate

b) Potassium sulfate

c) Zinc sulfate

d) Barium sulfate


BaSO4  is water-insoluble. The solubilities of sulfates of group II-A go on decreasing down the group.

6: The element cesium bears resemblance with?

a) Ca

b) Cr

c) Both of the above

d) None of the above


Cesium is an alkali metal and it does not resemble with calcium and chromium. Calcium  belongs to II-A, while chromium belongs to  VI-B. Hence, option (d) is correct.

7: Chile saltpeter has the chemical formula:

a) NaNO3

b) KNO3

c) Na2B4O7

d) Na2CO3.H2O


NaNO3 is the chemical formula of chile saltpeter. Option (a) is the correct answer.

8: The ore CaSO4.H2O has the general name

a) gypsum

b) dolomite

c) calcite

d) Epsom salt


CaSO4 .H2O is called gypsum. it is an ore of calcium.

9: Down’s cell is used to prepare:

a) sodium carbonate

b) sodium bicarbonate

c) sodium metal

d) sodium hydroxide


One of the best methods to prepare sodium metal is Down’s cell. Hence, option (c) is correct.

10: Which element is deposited at the cathode during the electrolysis of brine in Nelson’s cell?

a) H2

b) Na

c) Cl2

d) O2


When NaCl is electrolyzed in the form of brine solution, then Na deposited at cathode reacts with steam to form NaOH and H2 gas. Hence, option (b) is correct.