What are Electrical Conductors?

Electricity is everywhere around us, so when we talk about electricity, we always see wires and cables connecting to different devices. Electrical conduction is the flow of energy in the form of an electric current which is used to power up electronic devices and transmit information.

Nowadays electricity is being used in many fields such as transport, communication, energy, health, entertainment and more. However, without any wires electricity will not work, so there are many conductors which are used to transmit electricity. So, here are the commonly used types of electrical conductors.

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Types of Conductors


These are the cables that are usually used in power plants, railways, and industries. The cable has several types like submarine, overhead, and underground. Underground and overhead cables are the most common type of cables and used by consumers.

The cable consists of conductors which are made of copper, aluminum, and iron.

Electrical Wire

It is a thin conductor which is made of wire. The electrical wire is used in households for lighting, communication, and appliances. The wire is also used in some machines for electrical purposes.

Copper is the most common material used in making the electrical wire. The electrical wire consists of many strands and each strand is called as a coil.

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