Fundamental principles of organic chemistry You need to know

Written by Adeel Abbas  Introduction to organic chemistry Knowing about fundamental principles of organic chemistry is much worthy. Because it is better to know about the priniciples of organic chemistry before diving in organic chemistry books. Historical approach towards organic chemistry  In early days of chemistry the scientists were not able to distinguish between organic … Read more

Organic compounds-Classification, Definition and examples

Learning Objectives In this article, the author has explained the classification of organic compounds such as Acyclic compounds, cyclic compounds, aromatic compounds, and heterocyclic compounds. The importance of chemistry is not hidden anymore. There are millions of organic compounds in the present era that are being used in multiple ways to improve lifestyle. Therefore, It … Read more

Cracking of petroleum-Meaning and types of cracking

Learning objectives In this article, the author has explained what is cracking, the cracking of petroleum, types of cracking, examples of cracking, and applications of cracking. Cracking of petroleum Definition of cracking There are two possible definitions of cracking. The thermal decomposition of alkanes in the absence of air is called cracking. The process of … Read more

Fractional distillation of petroleum

Learning Objectives In this article, the author has explained the fractional distillation of petroleum products. After reading this article you will learn about the following points. What is fractional distillation? Fractional distillation is a process of separating the compounds of the mixture on the basis of differences in their boiling points. Definition of fractional distillation … Read more

Sources of organic compounds-coal, plants and animals, natural gas

LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this article, the author has explained Sources of organic compounds such as coal, plants, animals, and petroleum products. Sources of organic compounds Plants, animals, microorganisms, coal, petroleum, and natural gas are all sources of organic compounds. Related: Fundamental principles of organic chemistry Sources of organic compounds Here are some most common sources of organic … Read more