Uses of titration in industries

Titration is an important parameter of the real world, but in fact, not many people understand what it means. Importance of titration in chemistry and daily life cannot be ignored. Titration is the technique used by chemists and physicists to find a definite amount of chemicals used to produce the desired result. Titration is a … Read more

Why is titration important in chemistry? Themasterchemistry

LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this article, the author has explained why titration is important in chemistry? When you are in school and you are studying chemistry, there will be many questions in your mind like what is the basic definition of titration? Why is titration important in chemistry? So, if you are a high school student and wondering about … Read more

How is distribution law modified by change in Molecular state?

Learning objectives In this article, the author has explained How is distribution law modified by change in Molecular state Relation between distribution law and change in molecular state It was pointed out by Nernst that C1/C2 is constant only if the solute exists as simple molecules in the two solvents. If the solute undergoes association or dissociation … Read more

How to prepare potassium chromate indicator?

The compound that changes color when exposed to basic solutions is an indicator. Adding color indicators to the reaction mixture can help to identify the titration endpoint. Tarpachite is another name for Potassium chromate K2CrO4 and is a yellow orthorhombic or hexagonal crystal that can be found at room temperature. The yellow compound that comes … Read more

Analytical Chemistry, introduction, history and applications

LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this article, the author has explained What is analytical chemistry, history and its applications in everyday life. Analytical chemistry is the study of chemical analysis through analytical instruments. It can be used to identify, measure and quantify different substances in a sample. Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemical science that deals with the … Read more

Limiting reactant- Examples, Problems & method to find limiting reactant

LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this article, the author has explained what is a limiting reactant, definition, examples and method to find a limiting reactant in during a chemical reaction. Limiting reactant Definition In a chemical reaction, the limiting reactant is the reactant that is completely consumed when the reaction is complete. Watch the video lecture to better understand … Read more

Stoichiometry and yield of balanced chemical reactions

Image showing what is Stoichiometry

Learning objectives In this article the author has explained stoichiometry and limiting reactant. What is Stoichiometry? The branch of chemistry that deals with the study of the relationship between the quantities of reactions and products as given by a balanced chemical equation is called stoichiometry. Definition of stoichiometry Advantages and Limitations of a chemical equation … Read more

Distribution law in chemistry-Definition, explanation, and applications

Learning objectives In this article, the author has explained the following topics Distribution law or partition law At constant temperature, a solute distributes itself between two immiscible liquids in a constant ratio of concentration, independent of the amount of solute added. Definition of distribution law Two important techniques are totally based on the distribution law. … Read more

Determination of molecular and empirical formula by combustion analysis

In this article, the author has explained about… Analysis of compound Molecular and Empirical Formula Combustion analysis Percentage of elements in a compound Analysis of a compound To find the molecular formula of a compound following steps are considered. All the elements present in the compound are identified. This is called qualitative analysis. The mass … Read more

Experimental techniques in chemistry-Filtration, Crystallization, Sublimation, Solvent extraction, Chromatography

Written by Adeel Abbas Experimental techniques in the chemistry Chemistry is the science of experiments. Researchers try to answer questions with the help of experiments. Therefore, the role of experimental techniques is worth importance. Experimental techniques in chemistry offer a lot of services to researchers, for example, purification, isolation, quality enhancement, etc. Importance of experimental … Read more